Project of all sorts


It’s not always looking like this ….but it’s pretty darn close.

There is constantly some project going down and the family have to work and walk around it. In my favour and defence I can say that this whole househole is a project bin. We do have places to sit


A green standard Jazz Bass in the making (with purple back for one of my students) 

A blond hippie standard Jazz Bass in the making (Also for one of my students) The bass looks fantastic but unfortunately my student ran away with it befor I got a picture. Heahstock has the same stile of painting

Another standard jazz bass. My wife called it meat colored so….. I took the paint off after that remark as I simply couldn’t get that remark out of my head 😀 I thought it was pretty at first with a maple neck and small black dots on it. But no! It is turning into something else these days


The red Les Paul-ísh guitar. The color turned out really nice but I cannot make my peace with the spiked cutaway, so this one did not stay in out household for long. It plays fantastic though, with a set of Warman PU’s 

This one is mine now. I made it like some of the new Gibsons with access all the way into the body. Also now equipped with Warman PU’s Those are fantastic by the way

Even though it’s very blue, it looks like black see through, so I’ll have to take a better picture