Basses of all sorts

It is a well known fact that I like to build my own instruments. I have only the training into those matters as can be acquired through experience. And I am having a great time making basses. And guitars for that matter. 

The bass I’m holding on this picture is a fretless made by one of my friends though. It’s a through neck, entirely out of padauk with two lines of venge all the way from top to bottom. One Bartolini pick-up and one volumepot. Or as I call it. a “yes or no” knob. Schaller machines and Schaller 3D bridge

I call the bass Speedy Gonsales. Truely a wonderful bass, slim, and great sounding all the way up to 28th fret. (that is not there). All tung oil finish.


Despite the smile…That was a very tough week. My back was hurting so I couldn’t get out of bed. But I could at least play a bit.  

This is my goto rock-stick these days.

Homemade and configured as I like it. Super slim neck (I must have sanded app half of the neck off). 2 Fender N3s, The usual yes/no knob, Schaller strap locks and four single tail pieces. Why? Donno… cause four piece tail pieces… they looked cool.

It is stained black on the front, brown on the back and finished with gun oil. It Sounds fantastic and it make me feel Rock’n Roll when I put it on.  

Better picture on the way

This bass was my livelihood through my years in the US. It iwas build by that same friend that build the little 4 string fretless Speedy Gonsales.

The wood is maple with two stribes of padauk all the way through it. And as a little curiosity, – That padauk is from the same board from which Speedy Gonsales was build. One Honk of Bartolini MME PU smack in the back, and the usual yes or no knob. Schaller strap locks and a Schaller 3D-5 bridge to hold five strings slightly above 26 very well tuned frets.

The bass actually got stollen from me at a gig in South Carolina along with a Taylor guitar that belonged to one of my fellow players. 

The poor guy never saw his Taylor again, but I had the audacity to put an add on eBay half a year later just letting people know that I had the trusrod cover for it, if anyone was missing just that. 

Low and behold, -four days later I got an email about my bass hanging in a pawnshop down in Beckley West Virginia. Ho Ho, Come to papa.  

This Green Jazzbass was a project or an order from one of my student. See wanted a green “grain view” and the purple back was my idea as I thought it looked good. My student loved it.

My wife makes the drawing on the headstock and it is sealed with lacker. The rest of the neck is oil treated and slim like a straw. Awesome! 

The Pick-ups are Fender run-of-the-mill N3 P.U.s because they sound good and they are okay cheap. Straplocks and a (I don’t remember) tail piece. The wiring is completely standard. Very unlike me.

On the project page you will find a few pictures of the making of this instrument.

Underneath some different pictures og basses

My 3 babies
The Reits bass to the left was made for me in 2005


Always for sale.
A wonderful set of 3 I made this spring. The one in the middle has already left the house. 5000,- Dkr each. The jazz bass can be wired standard if needed. The P-bass has a set of DiMarzios in front